Ancient Inheritance Reference Guide

Epic seven ancient inheritance reference guide

Ancient Inheritance

Ancient Inheritance is real-time PVE content in Epic Seven where players cooperate with their Guild members to clear maps, compete with other Guilds, and earn rewards.

Exploration Provisions are consumed on every movement and action, which will reward you with Ancient Inheritance Exploration EXP.

You can get stronger as you interact with various objects and battle against monsters while exploring the vast map together with your Guild members.

Move to further zones by clearing the Guild Objective for each zone while communicating with your Guild members and growing individually as you enhance your Relic Effects and Class Levels.

The ultimate goal is to reach the final zone, explore the entire map, and clear everything.

    Reference Guide Sections:

    Season 5 Starter Tips

    • Best Starting Relics: Exploration Journal and Wanderer's Pipe
    • Class Level Enhancement: At the start, focus on 1 main class for damage (Warriors are highly recommended), plus Soul Weavers for support.
    • Enlistment recommendations: Prioritize heroes with debuffs (especially defense break), self sustain / life steal, attack buff, and cleanse. Support warriors like Conqueror Lilias, Camilla, and Kitty Clarissa are a big help.
    • At the start, your goal is to prioritize gaining EXP and clear Zones 1 & 2 as a guild as quickly as possible.
      • Leveling up and using Class enhancement ingredients is the best way to make your heroes stronger in order to kill Wardens and Bosses.
      • Chest rewards increase in the higher zones, so don't waste time and stamina opening them in Zones 1 & 2 (except for Guild Chests).
      • Check out the Season 5 Map here (from u/ReddeDelicious) to see where wardens and bosses are and plan your steps efficiently. 
      • Guild participation is super important. Communicate and make sure your guildmates are active! 



      Aekhir Temple

      The name of the first explorable area for Season 1 of Ancient Inheritance.

      In a secluded area of the destroyed Shandra Ruins, an entrance to the hidden dimension of the forgotten Aekhir Temple has been discovered.

      Ancient Dream Shards

      This is the main currency used to exchange for rewards in the Ancient Inheritance Exchange shop. You earn these from battling Monsters and interacting with Objects.

      Vestiges of a distant past that disappeared into a distorted dimension now remain as an ephemeral dream.

      Class Level Enhancement

      Class Level Enhancement is the primary way for your heroes to grow stronger.

      There are six classes to choose from (Warrior, Knight, Thief, Ranger, Mage, Soul Weaver). Each level increases certain stats for each enlisted hero of that specific class. 

      There are three ways to increase Class Level:

      1. Using Class Enhancement Ingredients
      2. Objects (Knight's Sanctum, Mage's Sanctum, Ranger's Sanctum, Soul Weaver's Sanctum, Thief's Sanctum, Warrior's Sanctum) 
      3. Certain Relics can increase Class Level 

      Class Levels cannot exceed your Exploration Level, and it cannot be reset so choose wisely.

      Class Enhancement Ingredients

      This is the main currency used to increase Class Level. 

      You gain more Class Enhancement Ingredients every time your Exploration Level increases. The higher level you are, the more Class Enhancement Ingredients you obtain. 

      The cost of increasing the Class Level of each class also increases at higher levels.

      You can also acquire Class Enhancement Ingredients from certain event objects (Unknown Scroll).


      To use Heroes in Ancient Inheritance, you must register them via the Enlistment process.

      Enlisted Heroes will have their stats maximized for Antient Inheritance battles (6, fully Awakened, +15 skills, and +30 runes for Specialty Change heroes). Only some of their Equipment stats will be adjusted, and all Artifact effects and Equipment set bonuses will be applied.

      Heroes who have participated in a battle once will become Unable to Fight for that day and cannot be used again until after the daily reset.

      As your Exploration Level increases, the number of Heroes you can enlist will also increase.

      Enlistment Withdrawal

      You can withdraw up to 8 Heroes on the Hero Enlistment screen per season (it does not reset each day). Be judicious when withdrawing Heroes.

      Heroes that are Unable to Fight will not recover until after the daily reset time, even if they are withdrawn. All heroes will be automatically withdrawn once the season ends.

      Exploration Level

      Each time your Exploration Level increases, you gain additional daily Exploration Provisions, you can Enlist more heroes, and you gain Class Enhancement Ingredients.

      Exploration Provisions

      This is the time-gated equivalent of Stamina for Ancient Inheritance. Exploration Provisions are consumed for every movement and action.

      You gain additional Exploration Provisions each day after the daily reset, and the daily recharge amount increases as your Exploration Level increases (from 50 at Level 1 to 68 at Level 15). 


      ancient inheritance monster battles

      Monster Battles

      In Ancient Inheritance, there are Normal Monsters that you must defeat on your own, and Elite/Warden/Boss Monsters that Guild members must work together to defeat.

      Heroes who have participated in a battle once will become Unable to Fight for the rest of the day. You can earn various rewards and Exploration EXP through battles.

      Normal Monsters

      Normal Monsters are individual battles that reward you with Exploration EXP.

      With each successful battle, the heart-shaped Health Points of the monster will decrease.

      If the battles are too difficult, you can weaken the monsters by using Exploration Provisions on the battle preparation screen.

      Elite Monsters

      Elite Monsters are cooperative battles where you join forces with other Guild members to defeat them, similar to Expeditions.

      Boss Wardens

      Wardens are mini-bosses on each floor that you and your Guild members must work together to defeat in order to reach the Boss Monster.

      The wardens of Aekhir Temple Zone 1 is Burning Eye Lich

      Fighting forever with fiery tenacity

      Boss Monsters

      This is the main boss for each zone. Unlike other monsters, Boss Monsters use various skills that are set depending on specific turn orders. After defeating the Boss Monster, the "Portal to the next Zone" will appear and you can move to the next area.

      The list of Boss Monsters found in Ancient Inheritance so far include:

      Priest Kakual (Aekhir Temple Zone 1)

      Priest Nazatrahal (Aekhir Temple Zone 2)

      Priest Ratl (Aekhir Temple Zone 3)

      Archpriest Yasuz (Aekhir Temple Zone 4)

      The Boss Monsters in Aekhir Temple so far have the exact same skills and abilities:

      • Curse of the Dark - Attacks all enemies, decreasing buff duration by 1 turn before poisoning for 3 turns. When counterattacking, uses Curse of the Dark.
      • Grudge - Seals all enemies for 2 turns before attacking, decreasing Defense for 2 turns. After the attack, grants the caster increased Attack for 3 turns and Mysterious Impact for 1 turn. (Mysterious Impact: At the end of an enemy's turn, inflicts damage on all enemies proportional to the caster's Attack and the target's max Health. Unaffected by any effects related to buffs.) 
      • Binding Spell - Attacks all enemies, dispelling all buffs before decreasing Attack for 2 turns. Hit Chance is increased by 100% when using this skill.
      • Gate to the Underworld - Attacks all enemies, dispelling all debuffs from the caster before adopting a counterattacking stance for 2 turns. When the caster has two or fewer debuffs, penetrates the target's Defense by 100%. Hit Chance is increased by 100% when using this skill.
      • Armageddon Strike - Dispels all buffs from all enemies before attacking. Will always kill the target. Ignores Effect Resistance. At the start of the battle, grants Warden of the Temple to the caster. (Warden of the Temple: At the end of an enemy's turn, increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 15% and grants stackable increased Attack. The recovery of Health proportional to damage dealt effect of all enemies is decreased by 90%. Unaffected by any effects related to buffs.)

      Armageddon Strike is always the end of the battle, so your goal is to deal as much damage to the boss before he uses that ability. 

      The recommended team composition for boss fights includes:

      • A cleanser to remove debuffs (Seal, Decreased Attack).
      • Heroes that can land at least 2 debuffs on the boss in order to prevent the 100% defense penetration when the boss uses Gate to the Underworld. Decrease Defense is a good debuff to prioritize. The boss is immune to Stun, Poison, Restrict, Sleep, Redirected Provoke, Silence, Provoke, Decrease Speed, and Stigma. 
      • Evasion heroes may struggle because the boss can remove buffs and has increased Hit Chance for several of his skills.
      • Heroes with lifesteal abilities, or equipped with Sigurd Scythe, will have their lifesteal healing effects reduced by 90%. 


      Ancient inheritance objects and relics


      Objects are things on the map you can interact with by tapping the "Use" button. Each object has a different function and consumes different amounts of Exploration Provisions, which you can check with the "View" button.

      Their effects can be divided into general objects that give you rewards immediately, event objects that give you options to choose to progress the story, and Relic objects that grant you buffs that may affect your gameplay.

      "Personal Objects" like Treasure Chests can be used once per player.

      "Shared Objects" have a collective usage limit ("Guild Uses"), which varies depending on the object. They can only be used once per player, and if the number of guild members that used a Shared Object exceeds the number of Guide Uses, that Shared Object can no longer be used. 

      Guild Treasure Chest

      A Shared Object that grants everybody in the guild 2 Leifs, 200,000 Gold, and 30 EXP. Each Guild Treasure Chest can only be opened once (Guild Uses = 1).

      A fancy-looking iron treasure chest. All Guild members will be able to obtain the treasure inside.


      A mobile tile that immediately takes you to a designated location on the map when used. Manalifts only go in one direction — you won't be able to return to the starting point using the same set of tiles.

      A floating tile that transports you somewhere. It seems to be a one-way trip.

      Relic Chest

      A Personal Object where you can choose one of 3 random relics.

      A Relic Chest infused with the mystic power of Ancient Inheritance.

      Rest Area

      A Shared Object that doesn't consume any Exploration Provisions to use. It gives you 3 Exploration Provisions and 30 EXP.

      A shelter for weary adventurers. You will acquire Exploration Provisions.


      A Shared Object that permanently enhances the Class Level for a specific class by 1.
      • Knight's Sanctum
      • Mage's Sanctum
      • Ranger's Sanctum
      • Soul Weaver's Sanctum
      • Thief's Sanctum
      • Warrior's Sanctum

        Statue of Recovery

        A Shared Object that recovers heroes who have already been used for the day so that they can be used in battle again.

        You can recover Heroes who have become Unable to Fight, using the mystic power of this statue that resembles a goddess.

        Teleportation Megalith

        A Shared Object that moves you to another Teleportation Megalith in different areas of the map.

        There is no limit on the number of Guild Uses for Teleportation Megaliths, but they aren't active until all Wardens in the zone are defeated.

        You can teleport to a different Teleportation Megalith by consuming Exploration Provisions.

        Tome of Knowledge

        A Shared Object that gives 100 EXP.

        A tome containing secrets of the temple. It may help you acquire further knowledge about this place.

        Treasure Chest

        A Personal Object that gives you 200 Ancient Dream Shards, 30 EXP, and a random reward.

        An old treasure chest hiding something inside. You can acquire the treasures within.

        Unknown Scroll

        A Shared Event Object that presents you with 3 choices that have various costs and rewards. Some choices may require certain prerequisites and penalties, depending on the option, so you have to decide according to your situation. 

        An Unknown Scroll that contains the chronicles of Ancient Inheritance. You must decide on your next course of action to unravel the hidden story.


        Relics are exclusive buffs that can be equipped in Ancient Inheritance that grant you benefits for actions such as exploration, treasure acquisition, and additional EXP.

        As your Exploration Level increases, the number of Relics you can equip — as well as the grade of skills of the Relics that appear — will increase.

        Starting Relics

        You choose one Starting Relic at the beginning. Starting Relics have a permanent effect that may have a significant impact on future gameplay.

        It's important to note that you cannot replace or switch out your Starting Relic, so pick wisely. 
        1. Conqueror's Flag - When winning battles against normal monsters, increases Exploration EXP acquired by 30%.
        2. Eerie Dish - When winning battles against normal monsters, acquire 1 Exploration Provision.
        3. Exploration Journal - When using objects, increases Exploration EXP acquired by 50%.
        4. Wanderer's Pipe - When moving, increases Exploration EXP acquired by 50%.
        5. Wooden Spatula - Increases the Exploration Provisions recharged every day by 3.
          The 2 most recommended Starting Relics are:
          1. Exploration Journal
          2. Wanderer's Pipe

          General Relics

          General Relics can be obtained from finding and using Relic Chests on the map. Some have effects that are applied immediately, while others have limits to their numbers of usages.

          These Relics come in 5 grades: Normal/Good/Rare/Heroic/Epic, which determines how powerful the effect is. 

          General Relics can be replaced with other Relics once the available slots are full, but Relics with the same effect cannot be equipped at the same time.


          • Food Supply - Immediately gain 10/12/14/16 Exploration Provisions.

          BATTLE EFFECTS: 

          • Vitality Brew - After acquisition, when you win in normal monster battles, Heroes will not become Unable to Fight. This effect lasts for 2/3/4/5 battles.
          • Wooden Doll After acquisition, when you win in normal monster battles, gain Additional Exploration EXP (Lesser/Normal/Greater/Huge). This effect lasts for 5 battles.

          OBJECT EFFECTS: 

          • Bronze Ring - After acquisition, gain Additional Exploration EXP (Lesser/Normal/Greater/Huge) each time an object is used. This effect lasts for 5 uses.
          • Four-Leaf Clover - After acquisition, when a Relic Chest is used, a high-grade Relic will appear. This effect lasts for 2/3 uses.
          • Golden Kettle - When using a Treasure Chest, gain 100/120/140/160 additional Ancient Dream Shards. This effect lasts for 3 uses.
          • Old Nib - Acquire 1/2 additional Class Enhancement Ingredients as a reward from the Unknown Scroll.


          • Aekhir Tome - Increases Mage Class Level by 1/2.
          • Ancient Shield - Increases Knight Class Level by 1/2.
          • Sacred Charm - Increases Soul Weaver Class Level by 1/2.
          • Snake Head Figurine - Increases Thief Class Level by 1/2.
          • Wolf's Gauntlet - Increases Warrior Class Level by 1/2.
          • Broken Arrow - Increases Ranger Class Level by 1/2.


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