Nightmare Labyrinth Guide: How to Beat Devourer Arakahan

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Devourer Arakahan's Mechanics

  1. Starts the battle with 2 Azimanus Scouts. Whenever an Azimanus Scout attacks, recovers health of the ally with the lowest health. There are 2 main approaches to prevent the scouts from healing Arakahan: keep them controlled (stun/sleep) or make it so Arahakan is not the enemy with the lowest health.
  2. The Azimanus Scouts take 250% more damage when inflicted with 2 of the same debuff (e.g. burn, bomb, poison, bleed). Bring at least one hero that can spam these debuffs.  
  3. When his ult is not on cooldown, Arakahan is immune to debuffs and reduces damage by 90%. In this phase, your main targets are the Azimanus Scouts.
  4. He only uses his ult once the 2 Azimanus Scouts are dead. When his ult goes on cooldown, he loses his immunity and damage reduction, but makes your entire team unable to be buffed. In this phase, your main target is Devourer Arakahan. 
  5. When Arakahan's HP falls below 50%, he fully heals and cleanses the two Azimanus Scouts and resets his ult. This only happens once per battle. Be prepared to control the Azimanus Scouts (stun/sleep) before knocking Arakahan below 50%.
  6. His attacks may stun or inflict decreased SPD on your heroes, which can disrupt your game plan (preventing the scouts from healing the boss). Bring a cleanser and/or heroes that can resist debuffs.

    How to Beat Devourer Arakahan in Azmakalis of Cycle (Nightmare)

    researcher carrot lidica Diene adventurer ras

    Recommended Team: Researcher Carrot, Lidica, Diene, Adventurer Ras

    Camping Morale: 35 (Lidica: Sad Memory / Lidica: Joyful Memory)

    • Main Debuffer Slot: Researcher Carrot with Etica's Scepter or Prophetic Candlestick is responsible for spamming S3 to inflict multiple burns on the Azimanus Scouts. She also has the benefit of being able to self-cleanse Arakahan's stun. Build her with 85% effectiveness. Alternative options: Seaside Iseria (with Star of the Deep Sea), Silver Blade Aramintha
    • Main DPS Slot: Lidica is a good choice because in addition to dealing damage, she can also help control the Azimanus Scouts by pushing back CR and prevent healing by inflicting unhealable debuff (requires 85% effectiveness). Alternative options: Ravi, Sigret, Haste
    • Healer Slot: Diene with Rod of Amaryllis or Unfading Memories provides healing and a 3-turn ATK buff that helps your damage dealers work down the Azimanus Scouts more quickly. Alternative options: Doris, Angelic Montmorancy 
    • Flexible Defense Breaker Slot: Adventurer Ras provides good defensive support while also being able to spam S2 dual attacks for the defense break when trying to burst down Arakahan. Alternative options: Camilla, Yufine, Rem, Bellona  

      How to Fight

      1. When the Azimanus Scouts are alive and Arakahan's ult is OFF cooldown (at full bar), you need to apply 2 of the same debuffs (e.g. Carrot's burns) and kill the scouts in order to make Arakahan vulnerable to damage again. 
      2. Before the scouts attack each turn, try to either (1) stun or sleep them, or (2) make it so that at least one of them has less HP than Arahakan. It's not a huge deal if they manage to heal the boss a couple of times, but it makes your run longer and more frustrating.
      3. When the Azimanus Scouts are dead and Arakahan's ult is ON cooldown (not at full bar), try to land a DEF break and deal as much damage to the boss as possible.
      4. When the Azimanus Scouts are alive and Arakahan's ult is ON cooldown (not at full bar), Arakahan is still vulnerable to taking damage but you also need to pay attention to preventing the scouts from healing him (see Step 2). When needed, spend souls for guardian attacks (e.g. Arky) to help quickly lower the scouts' HP below Arakahan's.
      5. Before Arakahan's HP falls below 50%, be prepared to deal with the Azimanus Scouts being healed and cleansed. If you're going the control route, have your skills available to stun or sleep them before they heal the boss.
      6. Towards the end, use guardian attacks (like Arky) for the final push to burst Arakahan down.  

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      In-Game Labyrinth Boss Guide: Devourer Arakahan

      Devourer Arakahan dramatically decreases the damage it suffers when any Azimanus Scouts are alive. The Azimanus Scouts should be disposed of as soon as possible if you are looking to progress.

      In order to defeat the Azimanus Scouts, you must attack them while they are inflicted with 2 or more of the same debuffs such as poison, bleed, burn, bomb, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to bring heroes who can inflict these debuffs regularly, along with heroes who can inflict unhealable to deter the health recovery effects of the Azimanus Scouts. 

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