Nightmare Labyrinth Guide: How to Beat Executioner Karkanis

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Nightmare Executioner Karkanis

Executioner Karkanis's Mechanics

  1. At the start of battle, he seals your entire team (disables passive abilities). Don't bring heroes that rely on passives!
  2. He has a chance to activate Wild Slash (an AOE extra attack that stuns and causes injuries) each turn based on the number of non-Ice heroes on your team. He does not activate Wild Slash if you bring a full ice elemental team. 
  3. When he is attacked by a hero that is debuffed, Karkanis will evade the attack, cleanse his own debuffs, and then counterattack. It's important to bring 1 or 2 cleansers to keep debuffs off of your damage dealers.
  4. When his health falls below 70% and 40%, Karkanis dispels all of his debuffs and goes into stealth for 2 turns. When stealthed, Karkanis takes no damage from guardians (e.g. Arky), recovers health, and removes buffs from your team. Make sure your team has AOE attacks or AOE strips to remove his stealth as quickly as possible. 
  5. Once his health falls below 40%, he gets a permanent SPD buff that cannot be dispelled and will start using Wild Slash as an extra attack.

    How to Beat Executioner Karkanis in Azmakalis of Cycle (Nightmare)

    emilia epic seven choux epic seven ran epic seven luluca epic seven

    Recommended Team: Emilia, Choux, Ran, Luluca

    Camping Morale: 29 (Luluca: Sad Memory / Luluca: Advice)

    • Main Cleanser Slot: Emilia is great at clearing debuffs with her S2 and S3, and also provides your damage dealer(s) with ATK buff and CR pushes. Alternative option: Angelic Montmorancy
    • Main DPS Slot: Choux will be your main damage dealer for the last phase, when Karkanis's health drops below 40%. She's a great choice because her bulk allows her to avoid getting 1-shotted by the boss. Save your souls and wait for an opportunity when Karkanis is defense broken to soul burn Choux's S1 as many times as possible bring him down. Use Daydream Joker to maximize her damage. Alternative options: Kise, Eda, Luna
    • Anti-Stealth / Defense Breaker Slot: Ran is a fast-cycling damage dealer and his S2 immunity buffs will also protect your entire team from debuffs. Save his S3 to knock Karkanis out of stealth. If you plan to use him for his strip and DEF break, he'll need 85% effectiveness for consistency. Use Daydream Joker to maximize his damage. Alternative options: Lua, Clarissa
    • Flexible Slot: Luluca helps land consistent Decrease DEF debuffs on Karkanis while providing your team with DEF buffs and barriers. She needs at least 85% effectiveness. Use Daydream Joker to maximize her damage. Alternative options: Diene, Elena

      How to Fight

      1. When not debuffed, attack Karkanis.
      2. When debuffed, attack his minions.
      3. Make sure AOE attacks are off cooldown before knocking Karkanis below 70% and 40% HP (in order to remove his Stealth).
      4. Save your souls during the first two phases (above 70% HP and above 40% HP).
      5. In the last phase, once Karkanis is below 40% HP, DEF break him and use all of your souls to soul burn Choux's S1 or to use Guardian attacks in order to kill Karkanis as quickly as possible.

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      In-Game Labyrinth Boss Guide: Executioner Karkanis

      Executioner Karkanis has a high probability of evading and counterattacking when attacked by a debuffed target, which is why it is important to use Heroes who can regularly dispel debuffs or grant immunity.

      Once Executioner Karkanis's Health falls below a certain threshold, it will constantly grant stealth to itself, and when stealthed, it will grant itself advantageous buffs. You must bring along Heroes that can either use AOE attacks or dispel buffs.

      In Nightmare Mode, when the battle starts and there are non-Ice elemental Heroes in the party, the boss will activate a powerful additional attack whenever it is attacked, so it is crucial to take a full party of Ice elemental heroes.

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