Nightmare Labyrinth Guide: How to Beat Juleeve Council

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Juleeve Council's Mechanics

  1. Its attacks dispel buffs and inflict Source of Plague, a debuff similar to poison that inflicts both damage and injury. Attacks twice each turn (three times if buffed). Put a hero with 200+ ER in the front row to tank the majority of attacks.
  2. Whenever a hero has Source of Plague at the start of his or her turn, it spreads to 2 random allies (ignoring ER). Having cleanse and immunity is critical for this boss fight.
  3. Its ultimate dispels all buffs and inflicts Unhealable and Cannot Buff debuffs on your entire team. Ignores ER of all heroes with lower attack than Juleeve Council (i.e. your healers and tanks). Need an AOE cleanse to remove these debuffs.
  4. Whenever a debuff is inflicted on Juleeve Council, it dispels all debuffs and gives itself a random 2-turn buff. Try to avoid using heroes with S1 debuffs. (The Council only has 70% ER, so even a 0 EFF hero has a 30% chance of inflicting a debuff)
  5. At 70% HP and 40% HP, the Council splits into 3. During this phase, at the end of each of your heroes' turns, your entire team takes damage equivalent to 7% of max HP, loses one buff each, and loses 2 souls. This phase ends when you kill the Council's true body (that holds the nucleus). 
  6. When you use 4 earth heroes in this fight, the true body is marked with the Token of Nucleus debuff, which makes it take 50% more damage. Bring a full earth elemental team!
  7. When Juleeve Council has less than 40% HP remaining, it grants itself an undispellable Noxious Toxicity buff at the end of each turn. (Level 1 increases ATK by 15%, Level 2 increases ATK by 30% and SPD by 10%, Level 3 increases ATK by 45% and SPD by 20%).
  8. Noxious Toxicity is dispelled whenever a hero uses soul burn. It's helpful to have a hero with a 10-soul S1 soul burn for this phase.  

    How to Beat Juleeve Council in Azmakalis of Cycle (Nightmare)

    ray epic seven vivian epic seven zahhak epic seven yulha epic seven

    Recommended Team: Ray, Vivian, Zahhak, Yulha 

    Camping Morale: 26 (Ray: Criticism / Zahhak: Faith)

    • Main Healer / Cleanser Slot: Ray is hands down the best healer for this raid boss. His S1 cleanses while his S3 provides a full AOE cleanse, heal, and 2-turn immunity. Use his S1 EE that decreases the cooldown of S3 every time he attacks with S1 on his turn. Build him with 200+ ER and put him in the front row to resist Source of Plague. Alternative option: Destina
    • Secondary Cleanser Slot: Vivian cleanses 1 debuff from each ally with her S3 EE while also providing ATK and immunity buffs. She also functions as a sub-DPS to help you get through the split phase faster. Etica's scepter is a great artifact here to allow her to use S3 more often. 
    • Main DPS Slot: Zahhak is a strong damage dealer with a 10-soul S1 soulburn that helps him deal more damage and dispel Noxious Toxicity during the last phase. His S2 cleanse and self-buff is also great for removing Source of Plague from himself and an ally. Use Daydream Joker to maximize his damage output. Alternative options: ae-Giselle, Bellona
    • Flexible Slot: Yulha provides damage mitigation (with Aurius) to help keep your squishier DPS heroes alive. Her S3 is also useful during the split phases because she takes a lot of damage then and can use it to help burst down the true body. Alternative options: Fluri, Destina

      How to Fight

      1. Use Kazran as your guardian to use as an emergency cleanse. (But try to save the souls, if you can, for the last phase.) 
      2. Cleanse the Source of Plague as quickly as possible to prevent injury from stacking up.
      3. Use Vivian's S3 whenever available to put immunity up.
      4. Make sure Ray's AOE cleanse is available to use right after the Council ults so you can remove the Unhealable and Cannot Buff debuffs.
      5. During the split phase, focus on killing the true body as quickly as possible. You might need to use Zahhak's S1 soul burn here to help speed things up.
      6. When Juleeve Council is below 40% HP, use Zahhak's S1 soul burn to dispel Noxious Toxicity. If you're low on souls, you don't need to soul burn every turn, but try to avoid letting Noxious Toxicity reach Level 2 and 3.
      7. If you have a lot of souls remaining at the end, you can also use Kazran's guardian attack (40 souls) to help finish the boss. 

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      In-Game Labyrinth Boss Guide: Juleeve Council

      Juleeve Council routinely inflicts a unique debuff, which causes damage and injuries. Make use of Heroes who can dispel debuffs and grant immunity since the unique debuff can quickly spread and stack.

      Additionally, since the boss can convert its debuffs to buffs when attacked and, when buffed, can receive additional advantageous effects, it is important to avoid using Heroes who inflict debuffs.

      Having a full group of Earth elemental Heroes when the boss splits will expedite the process of discovering the nucleus.

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