Nightmare Labyrinth Guide: How to Beat Queen Azumashik

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Nightmare Queen Azumashik Raid Boss

Queen Azumashik's Mechanics

  1. The first time she's attacked, she seals your front row hero (disables passives) and casts Queen's Binding on your other 3 heroes (sets CR to 60% and reduces speed to 0%). You must have a CR pusher in the front row ready to push your team to 100% CR.
  2. When she reaches 50% HP, she summons 2 spiders and repeats the above (seals and casts Queen's Binding). Wait until your CR pusher's skills are off cooldown before knocking the Queen below 50%. 
  3. She stacks ATK and DEF buffs each turn. Once she has Greater ATK and Greater DEF buffs, she'll buff her minions too. Bring 1 or 2 strippers on your team with 105+ EFF to remove her buffs.
  4. Her minions will counterattack if you attack the Queen while she is buffed.
  5. When she has 3 or more debuffs, she cleanses and counters with an AOE attack. 
  6. She does extra damage to unbuffed units. 
  7. She takes damage when her minions are attacked. Light element heroes deal extra damage to minions.
  8. When she reaches 0% HP, her minions die and the Queen gains 3 turns of immortality (cannot be dispelled). She attacks with an AOE that inflicts up to 5 2-turn bleeds on each unit.

    How to Beat Queen Azumashik in Azmakalis of Cycle (Nightmare)

    tamarinne epic seven iseria epic seven specter tenebria epic seven landy epic seven

    Recommended Team: Tamarinne, Iseria, Specter Tenebria, Landy

    Camping Morale: 26 (Specter Tenebria: Joyful Memory / Iseria: Advice)

    • Frontline CR Pusher Slot: Tamarinne is the ideal CR pusher for this boss. In addition to her huge CR push, she also cleanses and heals. If you build her with effectiveness (ideally 105%), she can also help you strip the Queen's buffs. Alternative option: Lots
    • Strip / Anti-Buff Slot: Iseria has amazing synergy with Tamarinne (use her S2 to reset Tamarinne's long cooldowns). Her S3 strips and casts Cannot Buff on the Queen, and her S1 inflicts DEF Break. She must have 105% effectiveness to minimize the chance of the Queen resisting her strips and debuffs. Do NOT use Song of Stars, which causes her S3 to inflict 3 debuffs. Alternative option: Solitaria (with Iela Violin)
    • Main DPS Slot: Specter Tenebria is the main damage dealer. Her S1 cannot be countered, making it safe to hit the queen even when she has buffs on. Alternative option: Commander Lorina
    • Flexible Slot: Landy deals a lot of damage while boosting CR and providing SPD buffs to help your team cycle quickly. Use Bloodstone for the extra healing to keep your team alive. Alternative options: Roana, Diene

      How to Fight

      1. Before starting the battle, make sure Tamarinne's S3 (or Iseria's S2) is off cooldown so Tamarinne is ready to CR push your team after the Queen casts Queen's Binding.
      2. Ignore the minions and attack the Queen.
      3. Make sure Tamarinne's S3 is off cooldown before knocking the Queen below 50% HP so she is ready to CR push your team again.
      4. Save souls for Arky and Specter Tenebria's S1 during this phase to get the Queen to 0% HP as quickly as possible.
      5. Make sure Tamarinne's S3 is off cooldown before knocking the Queen to 0% HP so that she can heal and cleanse the bleeds.
      6. Stay alive for 3 turns and win!

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      In-Game Labyrinth Boss Guide: Queen Azumashik

      Queen Azumashik summons allies depending on her Health and has a unique effect that fully decreases Speed and changes Combat Readiness. Make use of Heroes who can grant increases to Combat Readiness, preferably to the entire party. 

      The boss grants buffs periodically, and if they are not dispelled, the boss will grant these advantageous effects to all allies, so it is important to make use of Heroes who can dispel buffs regularly.

      Additionally, its Basic Attack will cause additional damage to targets who don't have buffs, so it is advantageous to make use of Heroes who can grant buffs regularly. 

      The monsters who appear alongside the boss receive more damage from Light elemental Heroes. Gain an advantage by forming a team with Light elemental damage dealers.

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