Nightmare Labyrinth Guide: How to Beat Secretary Vera

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Secretary Vera's Mechanics

  1. Vera's minions in Phase 1 and Phase 3 take extra damage from fire elemental heroes. Bring fire AOE damage dealers.
  2. In Phase 2, she cleanses debuffs and reduces cooldowns if there is a non-fire hero on your team. Bring a full fire elemental team.
  3. She is immune to damage dealt proportionally to max HP. Guardian attacks and Daydream Joker will not damage her.

Phase 1

  1. While her minions are alive, if you attack Vera with a single attack, she will counter and inflict AOE stun and stigma (ignores ER). Don't hit Vera with single attacks until her minions are dead.
  2. The mechanic above triggers on counterattacks too. If one of your units counterattacks her with a single attack, she will counter the counter and stun your team. Avoid using counter set (except on heroes that target multiple enemies with S1 like Mercedes or Bomb Model Kanna).
  3. Whenever eggs hatch, Vera recovers health and gains stackable ATK and DEF. 
  4. Phase 1 ends once you get her to 50% HP.

Phase 2

  1. Unless her egg form in this phase is defeated, she will hatch into "Reinforced Secretary Vera" and kill you. The goal of this phase is to bring Vera to 0% HP before she uses her ultimate.   
  2. In this phase, she takes extra damage proportional to number of debuffs inflicted on her (Weakness Exposed: increases damage by 80% for each debuff, up to 400%). Bring heroes with multiple debuffs and at least 85% effectiveness.

Phase 3

  1. Vera gets stackable extra damage taken after suffering dual attacks, counterattacks, and extra attacks. It's helpful to bring at least one hero with high dual attack chance, counters, or extra attacks.
  2. She gets stackable damage reduction whenever the eggs or mini Veras use a skill.
  3. She gets stackable increased ATK and SPD every turn (no condition). 

    How to Beat Secretary Vera in Azmakalis of Cycle (Nightmare)

    mascot hazel epic seven cecilia epic seven mercedes epic seven bomb model kanna epic seven

    Recommended Team: Mascot Hazel, Cecilia, Mercedes, Bomb Model Kanna

    Camping Morale: 22 (Bomb Model Kanna: Cute Cheer / Cecilia: Joyful Memory)

    • Main Healer Slot: Mascot Hazel provides both defensive and offensive support with her healing and ATK buffs (and Greater ATK buff). Tamarinne is a tempting option, but she should be saved for Queen Azumashik. Alternative options: Achates, Kizuna AI
    • Debuffer Slot: Cecilia is a great choice here, since she has 3 unique debuffs for Phase 2 and one of them is a 2-turn Decrease DEF. Build her with 85% effectiveness. She also tanks and provides immunity for Phases 1 and 3. Alternative options: Baal & Sezan, Lidica, Haste
    • Main DPS Slot: Mercedes provides a lot of AOE firepower to clear Vera's minions quickly in Phase 1. She also counterattacks frequently, helping stack extra damage on Vera in Phase 3. Alternative options: Charlotte, Bomb Model Kanna
    • Flexible Slot: Bomb Model Kanna can be used here as a secondary DPS. She has an AOE that provides SPD buffs to your team, dual attacks to make Phase 3 easier, and can use Bloodstone to provide healing. Alternative options: Schuri, Ras, Politis

      How to Fight

      1. In Phase 1, kill eggs and spiders with AOE attacks before attacking Vera. 
      2. In Phase 2, ignore the minions and inflict as many debuffs as you can on Vera. Bring her down before her ultimate comes off cooldown.
      3. In Phase 3, focus on killing Vera as quickly as possible because she gets stackable ATK and SPD each turn.
      4. Either kill or control the eggs and mini-Veras to prevent them from using skills (which give Vera stackable damage reduction).

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      In-Game Labyrinth Boss Guide: Secretary Vera

      Secretary Vera has 3 phases. In the first phase, Secretary Vera periodically summons allies, and every time they use their skills, an advantageous effect is granted to Secretary Ver. Therefore, it is required to eliminate the summoned monsters quickly with AOE attacks. In the second phase, there is an effect where damage dealt against the Boss increases proportionally to the number of debuffs it has. Try using Heroes who can inflict different kinds of debuffs. In the third phase, it is possible to increase the damage dealt against the Boss using Dula Attacks, Extra Attacks, and Counterattacks, so make use of Heroes who can use these abilities. In Nightmare Mode, the Boss will receive more damage from Fire elemental Heroes. Therefore, it is crucial to form a team with Fire elemental Heroes.

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      Cleared with Kanna (Rosa), Cecilia (Aurius), Kizuna AI (Counter, Celestine), Haste (Alabastron)


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