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Landy Epic Seven Hero


Politia's Chief of Police in charge of maintaining public order

  • Element: Earth
  • Class: Ranger
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hero Abilities

Landy is an earth element ranger that can effectively counter enemies who generate multiple buffs.

At the start of her turn, Landy is able to receive fighting spirit proportional to the number of buffs the enemy has. Additionally, her skill cooldown is reset when she has 100 fighting spirit, allowing her to attack the enemy with frequent and powerful attacks. Even when using a basic skill, such as "Fire," Landy will receive a certain amount of fighting spirit, so make sure to use this skill well.

With her skill 2, "The Chief Is on the Scene", Landy is able to increase her attack power after each strike, for a maximum of 3 stacks. With this skill, she will be able to deal a large amount of damage in the later stages of battle.

Her skill 3, "Full Burst," attacks all enemies and grants the caster Increased speed, allowing her to attack again quickly. Additionally, if she uses this skill while she has full fighting spirit, the damage dealt will be increased and all allies will receive an increase in combat readiness. Finally, regardless of the amount of fighting spirit, this skill will not trigger a counterattack.

Using "Full Burst," players can increase their speed, and then attack with "Fire," which will increase their combat readiness, allowing them to attack with this skill again to gain even more fighting spirit. This, in addition to the fighting spirit gained when enemies have buffs, will allow you to quickly reset the cooldown period for Landy's skill 3 attack.

S1: Fire

  • Acquire 20 Fighting Spirit.
  • Fires at the enemy and increases the caster's Combat Readiness by 15%.
  • Combat Readiness increase and amount of Fighting Spirit gained are doubled when the enemy is buffed.

S2: The Chief Is on the Scene

  • Increases the caster's attack by 20% after attacking. Effect can only stack up to 3 times.
  • Gains 10 Fighting Spirit for each buff granted on the enemy, and when the Fighting Spirit is full, resets skill cooldown.
  • Starts the first battle with 50 Fighting Spirit.

S3: Full Burst

  • Fires at all enemies and grants all allies increased Speed for 2 turns, before increasing their Combat Readiness by 15%.
  • When Fighting Spirit is full, consumes all Fighting Spirit to penetrate the target's Defense by 50%.
  • This skill cannot trigger a counterattack.
  • Soul burn (20): Grants an extra turn.

Landy Builds

Speed + Crit

  • Build her as a fast opener that pushes up the rest of your team and grants a team wide speed buff to help cycle quickly.
  • She needs to be faster than most Milims and the lack of immunity helps avoid triggering Rimuru.

Speed + Immunity

  • Use her as a mid-speed, high-damage bruiser with the artifact Guiding Light. 
  • This used to be the most popular build for Landy, but now she struggles against teams with Milim and Conquerer Lilias.

Counter + Immunity

  • Sacrifice speed and damage to be tanky enough to survive the first turn.
  • S3 can heal herself or an ally by a significant amount due to Bloodstone.
  • Counters provide a small amount of healing from Bloodstone while also boosting her own combat readiness and helping her cycle S3. 

Recommended Artifacts

Guiding Light

  • Increases survivability by granting stealth.


  • Heals the ally with the lowest HP (including herself) based on the amount of damage dealt. 

Proof of Valor

  • Provides a significant amount of damage mitigation to help her survive high-damage nukes from heroes that are expected to be drafted against her (e.g. Milim, Rimuru).


The chief of police of Politia, Landy, is a woman of principles who works hard to do what's best for her city. 

She is an Automatic Doll, but an older version that was made a very long time ago. Despite being an older model, Landy doesn't replace her parts.

She adores Flan, the newer version of her model, and thinks of her as a little sister and since she is an older model, that makes her what humans call "an older sister."

While the older models are more durable than the latest models, the functionality of the older models is a little less than the recent versions, which makes it feel slightly outdated.

Created in a time when the atmosphere with foreigners was better than now, she is relatively kind to non-citizens, and believes that keeping law and order is vital.

Important Relationships

Flan ~ Love 

  • A cool and capable little sister. However, Landy is slightly concerned that she might lose her position to Flan.
  • Flan likes to see her pout, so she teases her on purpose.

Glenn ~ Friendly 

  • A member of a vigilante group that protects Politia's peace, although Landy still doesn't trust him...

Godmother ~ Friendly 

  • Landy now understands what Godmother wanted to protect, even going as far as disobeying Belian's order.

Voice Lines

English VA: Erica Luttrell


  • I'm Landy, Politia's Chief of Police. If you notice anyone suspicious or have a lead for me, don't hesitate to let me know.
  • Thank you as always for your cooperation.
  • How do I look? I’m more reliable than Flan, aren’t I?
  • I haven't lost. This is just a strategic retreat!
  • Let me show you my secret weapon. Respect the great Landy!
  • Full frontal assault. That's an order!
  • Requesting permission and... granted. Removing restrictions. Charge!
  • You didn't see this coming!
  • Taking poin- cough cough cough cough...

Camping Lines

Interesting Story

  • "One day, when I retire from active duty, I'd like to go traveling with Flan. of course, she's still pretty new, so it will be a while!"

Unique Comment

  • "Even machines have their own needs and desires, so you need to be kind to them. Give them names, make them part of your family, hug them, talk to them..."

Landy Fanart & Merchandise

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