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epic seven solitaria of the snow

Solitaria of the Snow

An ice castle's owner who is waiting for her Prince Charming

  • Element: Light
  • Class: Mage
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hero Abilities

Solitaria of the Snow is a light elemental mage capable of preventing her enemies from gaining focus, and she is also to inflict powerful debuffs.

She can decrease the amount of focus gained by her enemies by 100% and create a great hindrance for heroes that require focus for their maximum potential.

At the start of the turn, she is able to attack the enemy and inflict "Daydream," which will inflict a random debuff, such as decreasing attack, hit chance, speed, or making them unable to be buffed.

When used on the caster's turn, "Pew, Pew, Pew!" will deliver an additional attack to all enemies depending on "Daydream," which has a chance to stun all enemies. 

Also, with "Boom! Starlight Fall!" she can potentially inflict more debuffs by decreasing the buff duration of her enemy, while also potentially decreasing their combat readiness and stunning them and granting herself a barrier.

At the end of the turn, "I Wanna Go Home..." grants her stealth, helping Solitaria survive in longer battles.

S1: Pew, Pew, Pew!

  • Attacks the enemy with a staff, with a 75% chance to dispel one buff.
  • When the caster is granted daydream, activates Fwooooosh— Ha! as an extra attack.
  • "Fwooooosh— Ha!": Attacks all enemies with mana, with a 25% chance to stun for 1 turn.

S2: I Wanna Go Home...

  • Decreases the amount of Focus gained by the enemy by 100%.
  • At the start of the turn, has a 100% chance to grant Daydream for 1 turn.
  • At the end of the turn, has a 100% chance to grant Stealth for 1 turn.
  • "Daydream": After attacking, inflicts a random debuff on the target for 1 turn. Daydream cannot be dispelled.

S3: Boom! Starlight Fall!

  • Decreases the enemy's buff durations by 1 turn and attacks with starlight, stunning for 1 turn before decreasing Combat Readiness by 30%.
  • Grants a barrier to the caster for 2 turns.
  • Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health.
  • Soulburn (20): Extends duration of buffs granted by this skill by 1 turn and grants an extra turn. 

Solitaria of the Snow Builds

No matter how you use her, Solitaria is almost always built with high speed in order to quickly put up her barrier and stealth buffs. Her extra AOE attack after S1 only triggers on her turn, so it's important for her to cycle quickly.

Speed + Effect Resistance

  • Effect resistance can help prevent her barrier and stealth buffs from being stripped. 
  • It also protects her from some debuffers that don't usually run high effectiveness (e.g. Politis) that would otherwise land unbuffable debuffs that prevent her from activating Daydream.

Speed + Crit / Immunity

  • Solitaria has decent damage multipliers on her S3, so investing in attack, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage can help her kill low HP heroes right at the start of battle — as long as she doesn't get killed or debuffed first.
  • With immunity, you can also focus less on damage and build her with more bulk to survive longer battles.

Speed + Effectiveness

  • The extra effectiveness may be needed when you want to maximize her potential as a debuffer against enemies with high ER cleansers.

Recommended Artifacts

Tagahel's Ancient Book

  • One of the most versatile and useful mage artifacts.
  • You can use it to soul burn her S3 in order to deal more damage and land additional debuffs.

Abyssal Crown

  • Gives her a higher chance of stunning more enemies. 
  • Synergizes very well with the extra AOE attack after her S1. 

Fairy Tale for a Nightmare

  • Deal extra fixed damage with every extra AOE attack after using S1. 
  • Allows her to do decent damage while investing fully in defensive and speed stats, similar to how Archdemon's Shadow can be built. 
  • But unlike Archdemon's Shadow, Solitaria will not benefit from using this artifact with counter set, since the extra attack only triggers during her own turn.

Honorable Mentions

  • Etica's Scepter
  • Sira Ren
  • Chatty


The owner of an ice castle in the Lone Tundra.

The habitual daydreaming that started only to relieve her boredom became more and more intense, and over time, it took on a life of its own. She now lives entirely in a fantasy world of her own design. 

She spends most of her day writing fairytales in her room and dreams about the day that her prince charming will come and rescue her.

In her daydreams, she's always the main character.

Important Relationships

Adventurer Ras ~ Love

  • Solitaria is thrilled her Prince Charming has come to save her. Although... she finds him a bit plain.

Eda ~ Hostile

  • Solitaria can only wonder what Eda's role on the team is, because to her, Eda is bland and useless.

Mercedes ~ Rival

  • Solitaria is confident she can beat Mercedes in a battle for Ras.

Arky ~ Friendly

  • Solitaria thinks a cute mascot like Arky definitely should travel alongside a protagonist.

Voice Lines

English VA: Anne Yatco


  • Aww, have I been playing too hard to get...? Um, maybe I should go outside... Eh—Huh? Oh! W-what are you doing here? Oh, did you hear all that? *Chuckles*
  • In a world where I'm the main character, I can do whatever I want!
  • Your princess is worn out. Escort me to my chambers, please?
  • Welcome to my kingdom. I hope you'll enjoy yourself!
  • So, how was that? Did your heart skip a beat?
  • Right in the nick of time, our heroine appears!
  • Being popular is so exhausting!
  • Oh, stay away from me!
  • I just wanna go home...
  • I need some me time.
  • You'll save me, right?
  • The princess is here!

Camping Lines

Unique Comment

  • "All you need is a little imagination to escape from your boring reality! A daydream here and there will make every day so much more magical!"

Comforting Cheer

  • "Aww, hard times are just plot devices to make things more dramatic. So don't give up—let's keep running toward our happy ending!"

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