Vivian - Epic Seven Hero Reference


Magical scholar and citylord of Witchaven, the City of Sorcerers

  • Element: Earth
  • Class: Mage
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hero Abilities

Vivian is an Earth elemental Mage who is capable not only of providing buffs to her allies, but also boasts a powerful AoE attack.

With "Mana Amplification", she can grant increased attack and immunity to all allies, assisting them both offensively and defensively.

Taking advantage of Vivian's high speed to use this skill at the beginning of the battle will grant great stability to your team.

Thunder God's Cry inflicts damage to all enemies and can be activated up to three times as an extra attack if an enemy is eliminated by it. you can further increase damage dealt through soulburn.

S1: Vitality Drain

  • Smashes the enemy with a rock, increasing the Caster's combat readiness by 15%.
  • A critical hit will increase the Caster's combat readiness by another 15%.

S2: Thunder God's Cry

  • Attacks all enemies with a thunderstorm.
  • Activate Thunder God's Cry again when an enemy is defeated.
  • Each subsequent Thunder God's Cry activated deals decreased damage, and can be activated up to 3 times.

S3: Mana Amplification

  • Fully amplifies mana, granting immunity to all allies for 3 turns before granting increased Attack (Greater) to the caster for 3 turns while increasing Attack of all allies except for the caster for 3 turns.

Exclusive Equipment: True Sight

An object that has been passed down among the greatest sorcerers since ancient times. it is said that even in total darkness, its blue light does not fade.

Stat Improvement

  • 7%-14% Health

Vitality Drain

  • Combat Readiness of the caster increases by an extra 5% when using Vitality Drain

Mana Amplification

  • Increases the caster's Combat Readiness by 50% when using Mana Amplification.

Mana Amplification

  • Dispels one debuff from all allies before the skill effect when using Mana Amplification.

Vivian Builds

Speed + Crit

  • The most common way to build Vivian is a fast damage dealer that buffs herself on her first turn then deals huge AOE damage on her second turn.
  • Requires using her second Exclusive Equipment (50% CR boost after S3).
  • Dignus orb helps keep her alive in case an enemy cuts in between her turns.

Attack + Crit

  • You can also use Vivian as a pure nuker, since her S2 has the potential to wipe out the entire enemy team.
  • Build her slow, with as much attack and critical hit damage as possible, and pair her with a fast attack/CR booster like Auxiliary Lots or Emilia.
  • Good artifacts

Speed + Immunity

  • This is a slower, bruiser-style variant of the first build.
  • She still wants decent speed, but in this build you can sacrifice some speed and damage for immunity and defense, which scales well with the shield from Dignus orb to provide her with good sustainability. 

Recommended Artifacts

Dignus Orb

  • Grants a large barrier based on Vivian's high attack stat, while also boosting her damage after using S3 (a non-attack skill).
  • Probably her most well-rounded artifact, with both offensive and defensive utility.

Portrait of Saviors

  • Increases damage dealt by 20% when enemies are above 50% health. 
  • Used primarily to maximize Vivian's S2 damage when building her as a pure AOE cleaver.

War Horn

  • Increases the attack of all allies by 10%.
  • Provides Vivian with additional combat readiness throughout the fight to help cycle through her skills faster.
  • Good for bruiser or utility-style play.

Honorable Mentions

  • Time Matter
  • Etica's Scepter
  • Proof of Valor
  • Bastion of Hope
  • Chatty


The granddaughter of a reclusive magical scholar, Vivian grew up in the care of her grandmother until she became an adult.

Although she has a talent for mana, she followed her grandmother's wishes to only perform safe magic experiments.

Due to having so few relationships with other people, the only childhood friend she had was Kawerik. Soon they grew to love each other, but Kawerik left for Ritania to become the greatest mage.

With a vast amount of mana and knowledge, Vivian became Citylord after she grew up.

As leader of Witchaven, she maintains a delicate balance between bickering factions of sorcerer, but the growing numbers of Unknown and the machinatons of her political enemies have her treading on thin ice.

Important Relationships

Kawerik ~ Hostile 

  • A childhood friend, Vivian was hurt by Kawerik's selfish decision to leav just as their relationship was becoming deeper.

Ras ~ Friendly 

  • An adventurer who warned Vivian about Straze. Ras strives to keep the world safe from evil.

Straze ~ Hostile 

  • A suspicious man who too advantage of Vivian's anxieties. The crystal tower he gave her had an effect, but things have only gotten worse since then.

Voice Lines

English VA: Kat Cressida


  • May my magical power save you.
  • This is the fruit of my studies!
  • My magic sure was helpful!
  • I cannot believe this.
  • Destruction, answer my call!
  • Forbidden spell, destroy all!
  • Unleash my power!
  • How dare you?
  • You'll regret facing me.
  • All is done.

Camping Lines


  • "Do you know any myths of the ancient Shandran Empire? They worshiped the stars in the sky."


  • "For years now, the situation in Cidonia has failed to improve. I don't see much chance of that changing anytime soon, either."

Vivian Fanart & Merchandise

epic seven vivian fanart by kira epic seven vivian fanart by weakart epic seven vivian fanart by tin

Side Story: An Uphill Battle

With her impressive magical ability, Vivian won the title of citylord, but it seems that her fellow sorcerers are unwilling to accept someone with such humble beginnings. In the face of rising disdain and mystery, Vivian's battle begins...

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord

Vivian: It's an honor to meet you all. I'm Vivian, and as of today I am your citylord.

High Sorcerers: ...

Dissatisfied Sorcerer: So she really became the citylord? Is this some kind of joke?

Resigned Sorcerer: You were there. You saw her win.

Dissatisfied Sorcerer: I mean, there must have been some kind of mistake, don't you think?

Resigned Sorcerer: Anyway, she won... so there's nothing we can do about it, really.

Vivian: ...

Vivian: I know some may not want to accept me as their Citylord.

Dissatisfied Sorcerer: Huh? Did she hear us?

Resigned Sorcerer: I don't know. Just be quiet now.

Vivian: I do not wish to fight against those of you who feel that way. I understand.

Vivian: I understand that this is an unprecedented occasion for Witchaven - for someone from a humble family like me to become citylord.

Vivian: But here I stand, asking you a favor!

Vivian: Please, look past my beginnings and my family, and instead see the passion and potential inside me!

Vivian: Because that is who I am!

Vivian: As I'm appointed to take on the responsibilities of a citylord... I promise I will devote myself only to the city!

High Sorcerers: ...

Vivian: ...Thank you for listening.

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord, Entrance

Vivian: As I expected, no one listens to me.

Vivian: Even just listening to that speech, people seemed unhappy. What should I do...? Do I really have what it takes to be citylord?

Vivian: ...Anyway, I need to go on patrol now, as I'm told that's my first job as citylord.

Vivian: But I'm still not used to this place... and I suppose no one is willing to help...

Wester: Excuse me...

Vivian: Who are you?

Wester: Oh...! It's an honor to meet you. I'm Wester, an assistant to the high sorcerers.

Wester: I just wanted to ask what the citylord is doing here alone...

Wester: I apologize if I crossed the line, ma'am...!

Vivian: Not at all. Actually, I'm glad you're here. I was about to go on patrol.

Vivian: Wester, you said? Would you show me the way, if you don't mind...?

Wester: ...Me?

Vivian: You can decline, of course, if you feel uncomfortable.

Wester: N-No, ma'am, I'm not. I'd love to help you if I can...

Wester: And please, feel free to ask anything of me. You are the citylord, after all.

Vivian: Oh... Alright. Thanks.

Location: Witchaven, Center of Chaos

Wester: Miss Vivian, are you alright? Are you hurt?

Vivian: Don't worry, I'm fine. Just a little startled.

Wester: I was not expecting them to attack us...

Vivian: When I was living with my grandmother I had no idea, but this city is in shambles.

Vivian: Every street is crawling with monsters, and they're so aggressive...

Vivian: Why are there so many of them in the center of the city?

Wester: Hmm... They're probably subjects who have been released.

Vivian: What do you mean? The monsters were released by someone?

Wester: Yes. You see, high sorcerers summon all kinds of monsters for magical experiments.

Wester: And after an experiment, they just release their unwanted subjects outside.

Wester: It's becoming more and more common these days.

Vivian: I see... But if they keep releasing monsters like this... people will suffer.

Wester: As long as they're not the ones suffering, they don't care.

Vivian: ...I see. Anyway, let's keep moving. We have more places to patrol.

Wester: Yes, ma'am.


Vivian: I think this area is clear now.

Wester: You're right. Thanks to you, many of the monsters are now gone.

Vivian: Everything is much worse than I expected... What in the world has happened to this city?

Wester: The high sorcerers run this city. They're the center and power of this city, so no one can stop them no matter what they do.

Wester: And of course they don't care whether others have to suffer...

Vivian: ...So that's why the city has fallen into such chaos.

Vivian: Let's call it a day and head back. I'll have to hold a meeting with the High Sorcerers Council.

Wester: Oh... Even so, I'm not sure they'll listen to you.

Vivian: I have to try.

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord

Rango: Why have you so suddenly called this meeting, Citylord Vivian?

Zantana: It must be something very urgent, seeing as how you've gathered all of us. You know we have other work to attend to, right?

Vivian: Yes, I believe this is an important matter that should not be postponed.

Vivian: I took a look around the city today. There are monsters everywhere.

Rango: So what?

Vivian: As the number of monsters continues to grow, the city also falls into chaos. So many citizens have already been attacked by these monsters.

Vivian: And a little birdie told me that a lot of those monsters were released into the city after some kind of experiment being conducted by the high sorcerers...

Arrogant Sorcerer: Ha, chaos? Who told you that? Do you have any proof to back up these accusations?

Arrogant Sorcerer: Was it those inferior sorcerers? They just want us to deal with the monsters for them, that's why those weaklings...

Blunt Sorcerer: What does that have to do with us? They should take care of the monsters themselves if it bothers them so much!

Vivian: Stop, there's no need to speak so harshly...

Rango: Vivian, I assume you don't really understand what's going on since you just became the citylord... but there were many monsters in the city to begin with.

Rango: Magical experiments are common in the City of Sorcerers, and this is the sort of situation you can expect to arise.

Rango: Not that there have been any serious problems so far.

Zantana: I understand. She lived in a suburban area before coming to the city, so I assume everything must feel so strange to her. Hahaha!

Vivian: No, that's not what it is. Have you ever looked around the city?

Vivian: Aggressive monsters are destroying this place. This is not a simple problem.

Rango: *sighing* Okay. Then let me ask you a question.

Rango: Let's say that this is a problem. How would you like to solve it?

Vivian: Well, I had intended to come up with a solution during this meeting with you all...

Rango: During this meeting? Do you really think you can come up with a solution here?

Rango: I mean, look around you. Do you see anyone who agrees with you?

Zantana: I expected a citylord to be able to run the city on their own. Tch.

Vivian: ...

Rango: So this meeting was for nothing after all. I'll excuse myself now. I have things to do.

Zantana: Wait for me!

Annoyed Sorcerer: Next time, please consider carefully whether or not a meeting is truly necessary before you call on us, Citylord.

Vivian: ...How... can they be so heartless...?


Boy's voice: Was someone talking about you behind your back again?

Girl's voice: ...It's fine. It happens all the time.

Boy's voice: No matter how often it happens, if it makes you upset, it's not fine.

Girl's voice: But...they're not wrong about my background.

Boy's voice: ...Don't listen to those idiots. It doesn't matter what family you were born into. You're a very talented woman.

Girl's voice: But no one sees it that way.

Boy's voice: I do.

Girl's voice: ...

Boy's voice: So don't you ever let those thoughts drag you down or make you feel lonely. Remember, I'm here for you.

Boy's voice: And I always will be, no matter what happens.

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord

Vivian: ...

Vivian: Of all things to dream of...

Vivian: I thought I had moved on... Why did you appear in my dream?

Vivian: After all, you were the one who left me.

Vivian: You said you'd be back... Liar. You shouldn't have promised me anything...

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord, Entrance

Woodrow: Ma'am! Are you ready?

Vivian: Woodrow? What are you doing here so early?

Woodrow: I have something to tell you.

Vivian: Oh, what's going on?

Woodrow: Umm... I think you have a guest.

Vivian: A guest? Who is it?

Woodrow: I'm not sure, but I believe he's a stranger. His name was Straze or something like that...

Woodrow: Anyway, he said you should come see him if you want to save the city.

Vivian: What? What an arrogant person...

Woodrow: That's what I'm saying. So I wasn't sure if I should tell you or not since I know you're very busy...

Woodrow: But I suppose we can't deny that the city is in a state of chaos... So I'm wondering if he can really provide any help.

Vivian: I guess there's only one way to find out.

Woodrow: He's waiting outside the city.

Vivian: Outside the city? There's nothing there.

Vivian: What a bizarre guest. Alright, I'll go. Lead the way.

Woodrow: Okay, please follow me.

Location: Witchaven, Sorrowful Path

Vivian: Why are there so many monsters? I've never seen the outskirts of a city so poorly guarded.

Woodrow: And there are even some monsters I've never seen before.

Straze: There you are. You took your time.

Woodrow: Citylord Vivian, this is the guest I told you about.

Vivian: What's with all these soldiers...?

Vivian: I'm Vivian, the citylord. I heard you wanted to meet me here.

Straze: Well, I had intended to visit you more formally, but as you can see, your city is too small for my troops.

Vivian: Are you saying you had planned to invade my city?

Straze: Don't worry, I have no intention of wasting my energy on somewhere so small.

Straze: Most importantly, I called you here so that you can see for yourself the gravity of your current situation.

Straze: I'm sure you saw countless monsters on your way here. And you've likely never seen some of them before.

Woodrow: I think he's talking about the odd-looking ones.

Vivian: ...

Straze: They came to this world through dimensional rifts, so-called Chaos Gates.

Vivian: Chaos Gates...?

Straze: Yes. And I believe that people here refer to these monsters as "Unknown."

Vivian: ...You seem to know something.

Straze: Mysterious creatures have begun to threaten your city, correct?

Straze: The Unknown will soon invade your territory. Perhaps some of them are already in the city.

Vivian: What's your point?

Straze: You decided to meet with me because you'd like to save your city, did you not? I know the easiest way for you to stop them from invading.

Vivian: I did. And I appreciate your concern.

Vivian: But I don't need the help of a shady stranger who suddenly shows up on my doorstep. So please leave.

Vivian: And if you insist on staying, I will not just stand by and watch.

Straze: As expected, the Humans here are as stupid as anywhere...

Vivian: ...Ack!

Woodrow: Citylord!

Straze: I'm not even using my full strength. She'll be fine.

Straze: But look at you, struggling against my weakest attack. If you can't lift a finger against even this, what will you be able to do to defend yourself without my help?

Vivian: ...I should have seen this coming. He's dangerous. I can't move at all...

Vivian: With his overwhelming strength and all those soldiers... I'm sure he would be able to destroy the entire city by himself in no time, even without the monsters.

Vivian: But...

Woodrow: Miss Vivian... I think it's better to back off for now. He possesses absurd power, not to mention the size of his army...

Vivian: ...

Straze: Clever. I'll let her go now.

Vivian: *panting*...

Straze: I'm certain you don't want to be dragged into such a cumbersome situation. In any case, there is no other way to stop them.

Straze: And, at least for the time being, I do not wish to see this city destroyed either.

Straze: That's why I'm so kindly offering you a helping hand. You'll be able to save your city as long as you follow my orders.

Vivian: Your... orders...?

Straze: You're holding back your emotions. I can see it on your face.

Straze: You're a very honest person, aren't you, Vivian?

Vivian: ...

Straze: The earth is soaked. Not with the blood of battle...

Straze: But with the tears of your soul.

Vivian: Ugh...

Straze: Savor this rage and humiliation. Remember how they feel. Promise yourself that you'll never allow yourself to experience pain like this again.

Straze: And from now until the not embrace unnecessary hope.

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord, Entrance

Wester: Woodrow! Long time no see.

Woodrow: Oh, Wester! How have you been?

Wester: I'm okay. Seems like you've been busy lately!

Woodrow: Well, Miss Vivian expects a lot from me. I need to work hard to live up to her expectations.

Wester: Ah... I see.

Wester: Oh! And I heard something about a crystal tower.

Woodrow: ...Where do you get all your information from?

Woodrow: Anyway, yeah. That stranger said it would keep the monsters away from the city.

Wester: Do you think that's true?

Woodrow: It worked when he showed us.

Wester: Umm... I wonder why he would give something like that to us.

Woodrow: I thought it was strange at first too. He seemed to be a dangerous I was a little worried.

Woodrow: But seeing as how there aren't any weird monsters in the city, I guess it's a good thing that we trusted him.

Woodrow: I heard that crystal towers are necessary to stop monsters from dragging the world into total chaos.

Wester: Hmm... I wonder how it works. Do you happen to know?

Woodrow: Huh? Well, vaguely... Why are you asking?

Woodrow: It's too complicated for you to understand. Anyway, it works, that's all that matters.

Wester: What? Still...

Woodrow: I'm telling you, you're better off not knowing! It'll only give you a headache.

Woodrow: Oh, already this late? I better get going, I'm busy with work for the library.

Wester: ...

Wester: What's the harm in sharing...? Does he actually know how it works?

Vivian: Wester, it's time. Let's go.

Wester: I'm coming, ma'am!

Location: Witchaven, Discipline Road

Vivian: I had my doubts, but it seems that the crystal tower really is keeping monsters from entering the city.

Wester: It's much easier to keep the city clean now.

Vivian: How did he manage that? Is it some kind of magic? I think I need to learn more about it.

Wester: Umm...

Vivian: What's wrong? Is something bothering you?

Wester: No, it's just... I don't know why, but I feel uneasy...

Vivian: I understand. I felt the same way.

Vivian: But it seems that he wasn't lying, at least. And it should be able to put a stop to the chaos for now.

Vivian: So don't worry too much. Now, let's get rid of the remaining monsters and go back.

Wester: Yes, ma'am...

Wester: Something's strange about that tower... It feels like someone's watching me...

Location: Witchaven, House of the Citylord

Vivian: Thanks to the tower, it wasn't hard to deal with the remaining monsters.

Woodrow: I'm glad it worked, ma'am! I guess meeting the Black Knight was a good thing after all.

Wester: ...

Vivian: Woodrow, Wester. I wouldn't have been able to make it this far if it wasn't for your help.

Wester: It's my pleasure, ma'am.

Vivian: And on that note, I'd like for you two to stay by my side and help.

Woodrow: Huh? What do you...

Vivian: I'm saying I want to appoint you two as my assistants.

Wester: ...!

Woodrow: Are you serious, ma'am?!

Vivian: Oh, yes. I'm very serious. So please, will you be my eyes and ears?

Woodrow: Of course, Miss Vivian!

Wester: It would be my honor, ma'am.

Vivian: Great! Now, I have something I'd like to discuss with you both.

Woodrow: I'm all ears.

Vivian: I've heard that monsters have been coming through the Chaos Gate and are flocking around the outskirts of the city.

Vivian: We're relying on the crystal tower now, but that can't last forever. I'm sure there's a limit to what it can do.

Vivian: We must come up with a way to stop these monsters before it's too late.

Woodrow: I agree.

Vivian: And you said the high sorcerers are behind this. Are you certain?

Wester: I'm not, but I am sure monsters are being released after their magical experiments.

Wester: And seeing as how they become aggressive to the point of prowling the streets, I'm sure these aren't safe experiments.

Vivian: Hmm...

Vivian: We don't know how much danger there is. If they continue with these experiments, I'm sure it will only lead to something horrible.

Vivian: Maybe... Like my parents...

Woodrow: Do you have something in mind, ma'am?

Vivian: ...It is suspicious that these monsters are appearing in the city, and it's possible that the Chaos Gates are related to the summoning magic.

Vivian: So I'm thinking we should ban the high sorcerers from performing greater summoning magic.

Wester: ...Huh?

Woodrow: Ban summoning magic?!

Vivian: Yes. By using greater summoning magic, they can summon any strong monsters they like.

Vivian: We need to figure out what's going on and stop this situation from getting worse. So it's better to do this, just in case.

Woodrow: But do you think they'll listen...? Surely they'll refuse to follow your orders.

Vivian: Then I'll have to persuade them.

Wester: She's right. We must do everything we can, before it's too late.

Wester: I'm with Miss Vivian.

Woodrow: ...

Location: Witchaven, Resolution Garden

Rango: Ugh, you called a meeting again?

Vivian: Yes. Last time, you told me to come up with my own idea, right?

Vivian: So I've been thinking.

Rango: Oh, have you?

Zantana: I can't wait to hear what brilliant idea you've come up with, Citylord.

Vivian: ...As you're all aware, an outsider recently visited and informed me of what's going on in Cidonia.

Vivian: And the crystal tower he gave to the city allowed us to stop the monsters that surround the city from intruding.

Vivian: But that can only last for so long.

Vivian: We must protect our city with our own strength. But in the current state of things, we cannot figure out why any of this started.

Rango: So, in short, you have no idea how to solve any of this.

Zantana: Huh?! What a waste of time! Again!

Vivian: No, let me finish. Today I would like to propose a temporary solution.

Vivian: I propose... temporarily forbidding the use of greater summoning magic.

Rango: Excuse me!?

Annoyed Sorcerer: That's the solution you came up with?! Forbidding magical experiments?

Zantana: This is absurd! If I can't practice summoning magic anymore, what am I supposed to do?

Vivian: I've been patrolling the city recently, and it appears that the monsters released after these experiments with summoning magic are wandering around and disrupting citizens.

Vivian: And to make matters worse, new monsters from are coming in from the Chaos Gate as well.

Vivian: It's possible that all of this is related to summoning magic. And so that is why I'd like to restrict its practice.

Vivian: Lesser summoning magic will still be available. And I'm not banning greater summoning magic forever.

Dissatisfied Sorcerer: Is there even any evidence that greater summoning has anything to do with this situation?

Vivian: There's no hard evidence, but there is a possibility. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Vivian: So until we figure out the cause, we must...

Rango: ...*sighing* Indeed, everything comes down to birth.

Vivian: Excuse me?

Rango: The citylord of the great Witchaven couldn't control her own city and borrowed power from a stranger.

Rango: And apparently, that's not enough for her - now she wants to ban magical experiments. Do you even hear yourself?

Zantana: It's no wonder. She's from a humble family, you know. She's not capable of thinking on a larger-scale.

Zantana: Tsk, tsk... This is exactly why we should consider one's birth when appointing a leader.

Vivian: How can you say something like that?!

Rango: Are we wrong?

Rango: Take a look around. Of the people who surround you, how many do you think will do as you say?

Rango: Councilors. Does anyone agree to what our citylord has proposed?

Dissatisfied Sorcerer: I cannot agree to this nonsense. Banning summoning magic is absurd! Are you trying to undo all progress this city has made?

Arrogant Sorcerer: No one would ever stop sorcerers from conducting magical experiments unless they were out of their mind.

Concerned Sorcerer: But what if she's right? If the Chaos Gate appeared as a result of our experiments...

Annoyed Sorcerer: You know we wouldn't have done any such experiment! That ignorant little girl is trying to frame us!

Vivian: ...I didn't think you would easily go along with this solution.

Vivian: But I will not just stand down this time either.

Zantana: You're insane. So that's what you want?

Rango: What an arrogant... Hmph, I guess you leave no other option.

Zantana: What?! Rango, are you serious?

Rango: I'll do as you say if you defeat us. But if you lose, then you'll have to resign.

Zantana: Ahahaha! That's the Rango I know! I knew it!

Vivian: ...This is how far you'll go to oppose me?

Vivian: Then I have no choice but to agree.

Rango: *chuckling* ...How stupid. I'll make you regret this.

Rango: I'll have to teach you a lesson. I'll prove you wrong!


Rango: ...You're not as worthless as you look.

Rango: Master Zantana, I think we should summon more creatures.

Zantana: I'll handle this, Sage Rango. It's time for my great experiment to shine!

Unknown Voice: Kyeeeek...!

Vivian: That's...!

Vivian: Zantana, it was you...

Zantana: What? Oh, you mean the summoning magic?

Zantana: Haha, it's not just me. All of my disciples have been practicing this exact summoning magic.

Zantana: As long as I stand, I'll keep summoning monsters and beat you down!

Vivian: We'll see about that!


Zantana: N-No, they've all been defeated...? I must draw a summoning circle...

Vivian: I'm afraid I can't allow that!

Zantana: Ack...!

Rango: ...Ugh, always such a weakling...

Vivian: Sage Rango, Master Zantana, it's time to stop.

Vivian: There's no one left to fight me, so now it's time for you to accept the results and do what I told you.

Rango: Don't make me laugh. As if I would be stupid enough to follow your orders.

Rango: If you're still going to insist... Fine. Try it.

Rango: But let me give you a little advice, dear Citylord.

Rango: Considering your poor upbringing, your mind won't be able to carry you very far.

Rango: Actually, it's only a matter of time before you're dragged down from your position.

Vivian: ...Even now you think to patronize me?

Rango: Hmph. I'll never accept your orders anyway. As I said, do as you will.

Rango: Let's go, everyone. Bring Zantana as well.

Vivian: ...

Wester: Citylord...

Vivian: ...I will no longer be walked all over.

Vivian: I command you as citylord! As discussed, I hereby ban the practice of greater summoning magic indefinitely!

Vivian: Anyone who is caught practicing greater summoning magic will be severely punished.

Vivian: Furthermore, this council, populated by traitors who defy the official orders of their citylord, is no longer necessary.

Vivian: I declare the dissolution of this council!

Woodrow: C-Citylord... That's...

Wester: ...Woodrow, there's no use. At this point, there's no going back.

Wester: We've worked so hard to gain her trust. You don't want to throw it all away, do you?

Woodrow: ...

Vivian: ...That is my closing statement. We will end here today.

Wester: ...Ma'am, have you calmed down now?

Vivian: Yes. Where's Woodrow?

Wester: Woodrow went to try to persuade the high sorcerers. He said that some of them may agree with you...

Vivian: Oh, I see... I am sorry that you had to go through all this.

Wester: It's alright, I saw this coming.

Wester: It was going to happen eventually. Although it happened a little sooner than I expected...

Wester: But I think you did the right thing.

Vivian: ...Thank you.

Vivian: I have no intention of going against their wishes. That's not why I banned their experiments.

Vivian: And I do not wish to go through what just unfolded again. Once was enough.

Vivian: So we must discover the relationship between our situation and summoning magic and root out the cause of this phenomenon.

Wester: I understand. I'll do whatever I can to help you, Miss Vivian.

Vivian: ...Very well. Thank you.

An Uphill Battle END

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